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Oh, how time does fly!

Wowzers. It has been tooooooo long since I last posted! Between my birthday, school beginning, and my many biking adventures, I just haven’t...

What a strange thing, love is.

Yesterday, I took my new bike out for its first ride, a respectable 10.65 miles. The ride was lovely, but as the day wore on I began to notice...

Giddy giddy giddy.

The past two days have been something of a blur. On Sunday, I woke up (well, I never was truly asleep), took a nice shower and went to ‘the...

I’m not stressed… I swear!

Tomorrow is the big day. I’m taking the GRE at noon. Does my entire future rest on this test? No. But does it feel that way? Sort of. I...

Yet another ‘change’

Hello readers (Who are you? Let me know!)! When I restarted this blog earlier this summer, I thought it would just be a place for me to talk...

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