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My name is Maureen. I'm a 22 year old college student, who, upon making a firm life-change decision nearly a year ago, has undergone a metamorphosis into kind of a health nut. I'm currently training for a 15k in Jacksonville, FL (the Gate River Run), which will be my first legit race. I started running last May, but without any kind of training plan. I started on a solid regimen back in late December to be in peak condition by the race. I've since become slightly obsessed with healthy ways... Full Bio
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First Seven Mile for the 15k Training

So yesterday, as it is now 2:23 am, I ran 7 miles continuously, OUTSIDE.  It was awesome, mostly because I actually finished.  I also found myself...

Today is a big day!

    Finished my second 5 mile last night, felt good. I ran with my roommate, who did a five mile continuous for the first time. She did great,...

Halfway Through Second Official Week of Training

    So today marks the halfway point of my second week of training. Today I did 45 minutes of stationary bike as a half-hearted attempt at cross...

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