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If you too have realized the power of music to relax your mind and body - join us. Share your favorite relaxing songs! Team Members: 75 Team Goals: Listen to relaxing music
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Most relaxing song, album or artist?

Posted by James

Do you have a particular song, album or artist that you return to again to help you relax? One that, every time you return there, you know you will start to unwind and relax?

Me - i love the album by Virginia Astley - 'from the gardens where we feel secure'.

I first heard one of the tracks on the soundtrack to the (excellant) Miranda July film - 'You and Me and Everyone We Know'

there is a clip (taken from my blog) of one of her tracks here:

you can listen to a calming spotify playlist - 'unwind' - that i have put together featuring a wide range of soulful, downtempo tracks here:  

What music works for you?

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