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Hi, I am a blogger that writes about making health and fitness a part of your life, and having a whole lot of fun while doing it. I am a marathon runner, so my training does make an appearance, as does the city that I love---New York City! I don't believe in obsession, guilt or sacrificing your... Full Bio
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Stream of Consciousness Saturday

After being quite sick for over a week, I’m finally on the mend–I hope.  Phew, I was just about to break down and go to the walk in clinic...

City Row Review

I tried City Row once over the summer and last week with Ashley , so it’s definitely time for a review!  Let’s do this. Logistics are...

Beauty Must Haves (Empties!)

I am a very low-key person when it comes to beauty and make up.   However, there are a few products that I really love and use on a near...

NYC Marathon 2014: Canceled

Congrats to Frank!  A two time NYC Marathoner!  He just rocked the 26.2 miles and he’s strutting around today like it was nothing! ...

Classpass Review

Over the summer, I subscribed to ClassPass (formerly Classtivity) for two months. I always wanted to write about it, but I’m just now...
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