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How ADHD affects marriage has been little discussed, yet there is a huge impact on relationships in which one or both partners has ADD. This blog and its attached forum provide much needed information about how to thrive with ADD, how ADD affects adult relationships, and what you need to know as... Full Bio
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Adult ADHD and Forgiveness Part 1 – Busting Forgiveness Myths

ADHD Marriage:  Adult ADHD can add a good deal of complexity to your interactions.  Often there is strife, anger and poor behavior...

Do You Have the Right Mindset for an ADHD Relationship?

ADHD Marriage:  Your mindset can make all the difference when you are in a relationship with an ADHD partner. I want to share a...

Exercise is Great Treatment for ADHD

ADHD Marriage:  A recent article at reviews some of the research on exercise as a treatment for ADHD .  The studies...

TADD Talks Provide Immediate Access to Top ADHD Experts

You've heard of Ted Talks...this month ADDA is releasing one TADD Talk a day.  These 9 minute recordings (for those with shorter...

Exercise Lessens ADHD and Depression Symptoms

ADHD Marriage:  Exercise has been proven to be great treatment for ADHD as well as for depression.  Recent research adds information...
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