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How ADHD affects marriage has been little discussed, yet there is a huge impact on relationships in which one or both partners has ADD. This blog and its attached forum provide much needed information about how to thrive with ADD, how ADD affects adult relationships, and what you need to know as... Full Bio
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When can a counselor help?

ADHD Marriage:  I am continually impressed with the enormous amount of support that is so generously shared on this website.  The...

Flooding and the Use of the Verbal Cue

ADHD Marriage:  Have you ever gotten flooded during an interaction with your partner when you felt so overwhelmed that you couldn’t...

FREE Teleseminar - July 8th - Adults with ADHD - 5 Powerful Strategies to Escape the Overwhelm at Work, Home & School

Time: 9:00 to 10:00 pm EDT  Instructor: Alan Brown  Register here Underachievement and overwhelm are probably the two words most...

Is it really a problem? What happens if I combine Adderall and Alcohol?

ADHD Marriage:  As a therapist, I’ve always known that mixing mood stabilizing drugs with booze is not a good thing.  I’ve now done...

Why is my partner always angry?

ADHD Marriage:  I've read so many comments on the Forum recently about ADHD partners/spouses who seem to have problems with anger,...
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