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How ADHD affects marriage has been little discussed, yet there is a huge impact on relationships in which one or both partners has ADD. This blog and its attached forum provide much needed information about how to thrive with ADD, how ADD affects adult relationships, and what you need to know as... Full Bio
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My ADHD Partner Wants to Act as if Nothing Has Happened!

ADHD Marriage:  What happens when you are your partner reach an impasse about how to move forward in your relationship?  I got email...

Please Participate in Exciting ADHD and Sex Research

ADHD Marriage:  You have an opportunity to be involved in research that will help counselors understand how better to help couples...

27 Signs Your Partner Might Be Having an Affair...and 7 Smoking Guns

ADHD Marriage:  Statistics about how many couples are impacted by one or more emotional or physical affairs are hard to believe, for...

Valentine's Day the Contrarian Way

ADHD Marriage:  Tired of doing the same thing each year?  Try these slight spins on old themes! Don’t give your lover red roses...

Lessening the Pressures of Being a Caretaker Who Happens to Have ADHD

ADHD Marriage:  Staying organized enough to take care of parents and family members can add a lot of pressure to your life.  One...
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