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Melissa MJ

Golden, Colorado
I’m a Nutrition Therapist, have a degree in Exercise Science, am a Registered Yoga Instructor (I don’t currently teach classes), and have a personal interest and expertise in celiac disease, gluten sensitivity, and holistic health. I’m on a mission to increase awareness of celiac... Full Bio
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Health Maven's Answer
I almost always have a couple of cooked baked potatoes in my fridge for times like... more
Nov 08 2009 2:07pm
Check with your doctor as peripheral neuropathy (tingling in the extremities) can be a... more
Jun 29 2009 5:45pm
  Hi Kim,  Altered stool color doesn't automatically cause concern; the are many... more
Dec 18 2008 6:09am
Hi Lisa -- that actually depends on several things. Whether or not you have celiac... more
Dec 14 2008 1:19pm
    Nancy -- well, you certainly have a lot of red flags for celiac, including the... more
Dec 10 2008 1:07pm
    I looked on the Healthy Choice website and they have no detailed information about... more
Dec 04 2008 1:40pm
One more thought on this -- EnteroLab is doing stool testing for gluten sensitivity.... more
Dec 03 2008 5:16am