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Golden, Colorado
I’m a Nutrition Therapist, have a degree in Exercise Science, am a Registered Yoga Instructor (I don’t currently teach classes), and have a personal interest and expertise in celiac disease, gluten sensitivity, and holistic health. I’m on a mission to increase awareness of celiac... Full Bio
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Fiber is important to health and this post will focus on gluten-free fiber choices only. If you have celiac disease or a gluten sensitivity and...

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Dec 16 2008 by Kathleen D.

Hi Melissa,

I'm from the Berkshires in Western Massachusetts, where the hills are a bit smaller than those in Colorado (to say the least!). I taught at Brodie Mountain and skiied and raced there and in Vermont. My uncle was a professional racer and that's how I got started. Skiing is one of the most heavenly sports ever!


Dec 08 2008 by Kathleen D.

i love your profile pic!

i was once a ski instructor and racer so it put a smile on my face : )



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