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New York, New York
Being vegan is a governing force in my life; I also find it quite enjoyable to live vegan in New York City! So enjoyable, in fact, that I write a whole blog about living the vegan life. It has its trials and tribulations, to be sure, but I have no doubt that it's the right choice for me both... Full Bio
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Jun 01 2010 by Melissa Bastian
Hiya dr6harr.  Eating lots of raw and whole foods is definitely a good way to go!  I'm just not into the total "raw foodist" thing and it was all I was seeing around here.  Nice to make your aquaintence.  :)
May 31 2010 by dr6harr
Hey Mel i'm vegan but by being vegan i end up eating alot of raw veggies and sumtimes i dine @ raw restautants. But im just a vegan not a raw foodist.
Apr 14 2010 by lizz38
Oh my, I just read your last post. Have you been tested for celiac (simalar to gluten intolerance)? I was negative but I still have it. Since not eating gluten over 6 months ago I have symptomes that are similar to yours that have gone totally away. Even the worsening thoughts...My brain is clear and I have never felt better...I hope you find what is troubleing your body. It sounds all so familar to me. (quick celiac info)
Dec 07 2009 by stipeygirl75

Hi Melissa,

Yeah if you have any tips on egg substitution, that would be helpful. I used ground flaxseeds in some GF cookies yesterday, and that seemed to work pretty well. I'm new to this!!!


Aug 28 2009 by Jonathan
You go, baby. I'll help via harassment, don't worry.