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Almost One Year Later...

Yes, we are all still alive and doing quite well!   I started this blog years ago as a way to record all of the experiences we were having...

Religious School

My three started religious school this past Sunday. It was the first time for the boys. They were apprehensive about all of it since they have...

The first week

The kids finished their first week of school and everything went well. All of them are loving their teachers and getting back to a routine. For me...

First Day of School

My three started yesterday. They were cool as cucumbers in the morning and I was a nervous wreck and paced around my house most of the day. The...

Introducing Sawyer

Look what we have in our house...

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Hi Melanie

Just thought you might be interested in where there are lots of stories about deaf issues and people's cochlear implant experiences. :)


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