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Inked... again.

I got another one :D It says 'Hope', in chinese. They're so damn addictive. Not just the adrenaline you get, but the fact that you're...

Four words:

Giant french fancy cake. Oh yeahhhh. My mum bought me it b/c I passed my theory test (Yep, you read that right, I passed the bastard. I...


I guess I do have new years resolutions. But not ridiculous stuff like 'new year, new me, new start' etc etc and sprouting shit like that. If you...

2010, It's been a long year.

I think everyone had massive expectations for 2010. I know for one everyone was expecting summer to be amazing, full of days just dossing, nights...

Driving fails and christmas-ness

No blogging for two weeks again. I guess it's a combo of not having much to say, and not really having the time to write anything... despite the...

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