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Lexington, North Carolina
My name is Meghann. I'm 28 years old and living with a lung disease called Bronchiectasis. I'm waiting for a double lung transplant. I'm listed at UNC Hospital's transplant center. I've been waiting a little over 9 months now. I have a wonderful family and friends that I love very much. I... Full Bio
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I'm back y'all. 10 months and counting! Happy Lungiversary to meee...WEeeeeeeeeeeeee!

What's up bitches? Happy 10 month Lungviversary to meee...Happy 10 month lungiversary to Meeee, Happy 10 months to meeee, Happy 10 months to...

Joint Pain, Oh how I despise thee!

Okay, so I've been on the 30 mg of Prednisone every day now for 3 days. Tomorrow is my 4th. The joint (ankle/knee) pain is not getting any...

Blue Devils and FEV1, oh my!

What's up my babies? It has been around 3 weeks since I last posted. I guess I just sort of lost my "blogging mojo." I can't really remember...

Donor Family Letter

What's up bitches! So here's an update. My chest, in the lower lung region, where my ribs are, has been hurting since thurs. baaaad. I tried...

Dear Rejection: EPIC Fail. You can't hold this bitch down!!! I keep on comin' back, harder and stronger each time! In your face,

Helloooo my lil' babies. (I miss you Conan!!! Leno - You can suck it! I used to like you, but now...*sighs in disappointment and shakes...
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May 10 2009 by jay

Greetings all the way from Dubai beautiful :-)

keep your head up we proud of you.

May 06 2009 by meggymegos

Hey Mom!



May 05 2009 by Melanie B.

Hi daughter,

This looks like a good site.