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Meggan F.

I am an avid runner/racer and a certified running coach. I run and race with a full-time job and a daughter (born 10/15/10). My blog is about postpartum running and racing, and the challenges that come with having a small child, working full-time, and having to fit that workout in everyday. My... Full Bio
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Pregnancy running log week 31, 32, 33

One unfortunate event occurred during week 32...I am now unable to handle running on the road. The ligament pain when logging miles outside is...

Pregnancy running log 7 months

This week was a challenge. My husband was gone from Sunday-Saturday to Eugene for NCAA Track and Field Championships so running was (sort of) the...

Pregnancy running log week 29 (whew!)

Monday: 5 miles (did my new morning loop. A bit of ligament pain! Argh so frustrating. I am so slow I feel like a turtle!) Tuesday: 5 miles...

Pregnancy training log week 28

Monday:50 min run. Hot, many walk breaks. Felt horrible. Maybe went 5 miles if lucky. Tuesday: 65 min total (35min run, 25 min elliptical with...

Welcome back third trimester!

I've been so tired in the evening and early mornings that I thought it might be a good idea to split my workout in half (half in the am and half...

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