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I'm an illustrator and Holistic Health Counselor living in Los Angeles, on a mission to prove that healthy living can be fun and indulgent. I hope to inspire others to live healthier lives by sharing what I learn along the way!
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What I Ate Wednesday

These posts should really be called “What I Ate Tuesday,” but I prefer the alliteration that Wednesday brings to the title. Here’s a peek at...

Healthy Rice Crispy Treats (Vegan)

It’s always a nice surprise when a healthier treat turns out better than the original. And that’s definitely the case with these...

9 Dairy-Free Summer Recipes

Whether you’re planning to attend a big party for Independence Day or are just looking forward to a long relaxing weekend, you may find yourself...

What I Ate Wednesday

Lately, I don’t get the chance to eat in the morning until after our son goes down for his first nap, and I’ve been hesitant to...

No-Bake Strawberry Swirl Cheesecake Bars

These strawberry cheesecake bars taste as good as they look. Featuring a creamy dairy-free filling made from cashews, these bars are...

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