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Greek/Californian, 21, living in Toronto. Magazine Journalist & author of the blog 'Mediterranean Miss.' My 3 favorite things? Food, Fitness & Fairytales!
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Beach Life

It’s official, I’m a beach baby. I was born in California, after all ^~ Mama S☀S and I visited Ponce Inlet on a beautiful sunny day to look...

This morning I pulled ...

This morning I pulled up to the barn and spent a minute admiring a breathtaking dawn. I’d always dreamed I’d be “that me,” riding on my...


The season is just beginning to turn; the leaves are beginning to color, the light is changing, and the air is cooling, though the sun is warm....

Greek Salad with Dry-fried Tofu

Up until recently, I refused to make tofu at home Sure I loved it in premade Whole Foods salads but I likened the fried stuff to puffy greasy...

Lemon-Honey Baklava

Kalimera bloggies! Have I ever got a treat for you today. Not a treat; the treat. The Chanel bag of Greek desserts: Baklava I...

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