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Meditaters Club Whether you're new to meditation or trying to get into a more regular practice, join us and let us know how it's going, and how we can help.
Sleep Team Want to get more sleep? Or better quality sleep? Let's share our experience about what works and why.
Exercise with Chronic Fatigue (CFS / CFIDS / ME) This team need to take it easy. This team need to listen very carefully to their own bodies. This team must be steady and gentle. This team help ourselves by making sure we do not turn to jelly whilst working with a tricky illness. This team will share our experiences and help each other where the medical profession is unable to offer very much...
Undiagnosed This team is for everyone out there suffering from an undiagnosed illness. !
Passionate Living Conversation, sharing and support to find passion(s), and to live life more inspired!
Hep C Dragon Fighters A group for those who have been through, are in the middle of, or contemplating drug treatments for Hepatitis C; and the family and loved ones, or anyone interested in the subject.
Relaxation All parties interested in the pursuit of contemplation and relaxation as a modus operandi in our lives replacing stress and anxiety.
Everyday Oilers Using therapeutic essential oils daily to improve wellness through aromatherapy.
Active Caregivers Active Caregivers are those who have awesome responsibilities, and are still committed to a healthy lifestyle. Active Caregivers commit to weekly steps toward self-care, be it exercise, respite, meditation or engaging with other optimistic people, who are vibrant and encouraging.
Future Health Care Professionals Team This is a team for current students in medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, nursing, allied health fields, alternative medicine, and anyone else studying to become a health care professional. Our goal is to make it through our training without losing our sanity....or our humanity.