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I would honestly want to know if the hip replacement is defective or if it is causing... more
Jun 07 2013 1:15am
Hi Amy Rose, Whenever symptoms are prolonged over an extended period of time you... more
Oct 28 2011 3:34pm
Interesting question - being a free-diver myself this is one that I had to master to... more
May 09 2011 4:02pm
The first tip I would provide to you would be to seek out Meditation Centers... more
Mar 19 2011 5:26pm
I don't think methadone is supposed to be used a long term pain reliever. It's usually... more
Jul 20 2011 4:21pm
Dec 23 2010 11:32pm
Hi Rick! Thank you for sharing you Question and great job on having the... more
Mar 19 2011 5:31pm
  Try this traditional remedy, it could be helpful.  Take about 25 grams of... more
Oct 28 2010 7:48am
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