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Transform yourself gradually through Meditation

Posted by rajneesh

The manner in which most of us lead our life it is very apparent that we need to go through a transformation. We need to change ourselves in terms of our attitude, habits, morale towards a task or work in which we indulge. These changes can be facilitated in our lives by doing meditation on regular basis. Meditation can be practiced in a number of ways. Most people are taught meditation using the infamous deep breathing exercise. Under this the person is asked to sit in a comfortable position with his or her eyes closed. Then the next step is to start breathing in and out slowly but deeply.

Here the key is to be able to concentrate on the coolness of air when it is entering your body and the warmness of air when it is leaving your body. This coolness and warmness can be felt at the throat and nostrils of your body. By doing to repeatedly you will be able to improve your concentration to a very good level. Another way to do meditation is by indulging in various dynamic activities like dancing, jumping, stretching your body parts and clapping. These activities are collectively known as active meditation techniques. They were introduced by Osho who was famous spiritual teacher from India.
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