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The Meditation Guide for Surviving and Succeeding in College

Posted Oct 02 2009 2:36pm


Feeling the stress of college life yet?  College can be stressful because it's not only about going to school and learning a trade; it can actually lead to a life-style. Many of the decisions made in college impact the rest of our lives. Not only can those decisions impact the rest of our lives, college life is also the beginning of our lives independent of our parents.

The majority of you may remember your first day of college. Parents dropped you off.  You moved all the stuff you could possibly pack into the car into a tiny dorm room that you would be sharing with a complete stranger. You felt both excitement and fear knowing that you were then starting a completely new chapter and challenge in your life! Yet, also knowing that you didn't have mom or dad around the whole time to give you advice or get you out of a bind every now and then. Easy to see how college can be extremely stressful... Right off the bat, you are dumped into unfamiliar grounds to fend for yourself!

Now there is a way to alleviate the stress of college life.

Meditating in college is becoming a new found trend that the average student can pick up on to relieve stress, perform better in classes and exams, and deal with the daily stressors and deadlines much better.

There are many benefits of meditating as a college student. There are eight benefits that are the core to overall good health for any college student. They are brain activity, overall health, ability to remain focused, creativity, equanimity, happiness, developing and maintaining relationships, and staying at peace.

My first year of college really was a challenge in all of these categories. I spent too many nights up late studying. That of course, resulted in problems focusing the next day because I was so tired!  Due to the lack of sleep, my brain wasn't connecting as well as it usually does. My health was suffering from late nights, little sleep, extracurricular activities, and working almost full time. 

For many students, all these responsibilities can pile up quickly and can be extremely overwhelming. Some people decide to deal with that sense of stress by drinking and partying, others by just sleeping more, and others by meditating to center themselves.  Drinking and partying while entertaining can also be extremely self-destructive; especially when done as an avoidance mechanism to not have to deal with the reality of college life and its responsibilities.

Eventually, the partying and sleeping is not enough to numb the stress and you can fall into a severe depression.  Doing these things will definitely not help you feel at peace with yourself. It will actually lower your self-esteem because you will know deep down that you are not happy with what you are doing and are not able to take control over the situation you are facing. This affects not only your relationship with yourself but also your relationship with your family and friends.

In college, I had to learn a new life-style without any real preparation. Yes, my parents instilled in me my values and gave me as much advice as they could. I just wished there was some sort of guide that would have made things easier! I had to make a decision and change some of my priorities to be able to survive the remaining years of college.

Luckily for me, I had a new roommate in my sophomore year whom I one day watched meditate. She seemed to be able to get through life like it was a breeze. She didn't seem faced by exams and deadlines for projects. It was amazing.

I began to ask her questions out of curiosity and she taught me how to meditate. Sure I thought it was silly and weird at first but after I got through my first week of meditating, I could see such a huge difference in my ability to study. Before I knew it, my test scores were increasing, I was  happier, I felt calm and in control, and was actually able to balance my work, college, and love life.

It is important that I share my experience with others because learning meditation might be your saving grace as it was my own. Taking just a few minutes a day to meditate and breathe with inner peace can transform you into being even more successful than you already are.

Meditation for college students may be just as important for your health as eating fruits and vegetables on a daily basis. Concentrating on the eight benefits will help open your eyes and mind to that peace of mind you have been craving.  Go ahead, take the leap and learn what meditation for college students is all about. Get your Free Meditation Guide for Surviving and Succeeding in College today!

Sonia Gallagher is a retired attorney who is now the Editor of My Meditation Garden, a site dedicated to sharing different meditation techniques, Free Guided Meditations, information about the benefits of meditation, and ways of applying meditation to daily life in practical ways for busy and overworked college students, parents, professionals, and business owners. She does this in an easy to understand, "plain English" manner.




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