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Restore your mind with Meditation

Posted by rajneesh

Our mind is something which can be easily influenced by surroundings, other people, circumstances and whatever. Once your mind is lured or manipulated by something unholy you are likely to suffer. This is because your mind is capable of taking charge of you and in such a scenario you tend to become his slave by behaving in a way what your minds commands you to. To stop this one must restore his or her mind to its initial state which is divine in nature. This is possible by doing meditation. Meditation is effective in cleaning your mind of all the dirt in the form of negative and inhumane thoughts.

There are various ways to learn meditation one of which is active meditation which was designed by Osho keeping in mind the hectic work and family life of modern people. Under active meditation technique as the name suggest a person can remain active by indulging in activities like singing in group, making humming sounds while breathing, listening carefully to this sound, laughing with joy and happiness and crying to get rid of all your pains. In short Osho intends to create an environment of celebration to generate positive energy excellent for universal healing.
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