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Relaxation through Celebration

Posted by rajneesh

Considering the current hectic life full of tensions, problems and burdens relaxation of mind becomes indispensable for your survival. This relaxation is possible through quite a few ways such as sleeping but the most effective way to relax your mind is through meditation. In which so sit in a comfortable position and begin to focus on your breath. It goes like this, at the time of inhaling you are required to concentrate on the cool air entering your body and at the time of exhaling you focus on warm air leaving your body. This is very good technique but it is a bit difficult for people who suffer from poor level of concentration in their life.

For such people Osho's active meditation which is full of celebration is very good technique for relaxation of their mind. I used the word celebration because these modern meditation techniques of Osho comprises of interesting tasks such as dancing, clapping, laughing and listening to music. This relieves your mind of unwanted tension and fully equips it for making you spiritual in your life. So start practicing meditation today as its “Better late than never”.
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