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Practice active meditation and enjoy your life

Posted by rajneesh

Osho, who was renowned spiritual leader of India introduced new techniques of meditation and named them as active meditation techniques. The name itself tells the entire story. The principle behind active meditation techniques of Osho is that they allow the person to be active while performing these techniques. In addition, you as a disciple or follower of Osho are not required to move to another place and part from your materialistic possessions in order to learn these active meditation techniques. You can learn them at home by ordering an e-learning course provided by institution of Osho known as Oshodhara.

In general, it is not possible to learn every type of exercise through an e-learning course. But active meditation techniques of Osho are easy to learn as it involves engaging techniques such as listening to music, making humming sounds while breathing, singing and dancing with joy. That is why, they are termed as the most modern techniques of meditation. Step by step instructions are provided along with the duration for which you are suppose to perform a particular exercise. Once you are able to practice these techniques you will be able to experience spirituality in your life effortlessly. So order your e-learning course today by visiting their center or through their website.
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Hi Rajneesh,

The information you have posted on osho meditation is useful. Many people how are looking topractice meditation dont have time to go to a centre to learn.I have come across a product Serenit it is a musical guide to meditation. You can download it free on this website . try it see its benefits. It would be useful for people who want to make meditation easy.


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