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Osho - The Controversial Meditation Guru

Posted by Stephanie B.

For fans of Osho, there is a new Google "widget" that allows you to view a new Osho meditation on your home page every day.

Osho has been very controversial guru, however, from his views on sexuality to his penchance for Rolls Royces. (A new one each day of the year.) Do you think he was enlightened or a fast-talking huckster?

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I slightly defer from what both of you say. In my opininon rather than commenting on how a guru is, just take the good things from him and continue your practice. At the end of the day don't forget that each individiual self is different. So the affect of meditation on each individual varies and you never know who may get enlightened when. Best thing is to go and check what they teach and try implementing in your life. If it works fine, else you can leave it. It is as simple as it is!

Yes, I agree. I think what these guys do is take ancient spiritual teachings that really belong to everyone and then share them with the west as if they they were somehow the master and creator of it all. I actually don't quite understand how people get so caught up with gurus...I have one of those naturally skeptical personalities...that along with my anti-authority leanings...well, I just assume most gurus have feet of clay.
I actually don't know too much about Osho but I generally am chary of people who profess to be spiritual gurus. I think that similar criticisms have been issued about the guy who is the founder of Transcendental Meditation. TM is basically a meditation practice that costs people thousands of dollars to learn, and adherents of this guru are usually pretty hardcore. I think that perhaps there is wisdom to be learned in the teachings of Osho and this other guy, but people give them way too much authority. Personally, I don't believe that true enlightenment comes from fancy declarations or having power over droves of people, so I'd be inclined to think Osho was more of a huckster than a truly enlightened spirit.
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