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Posted by C.L. R.

The first time I tried meditating, no joke, I fell asleep. I remember it very clearly - I sat on the floor of the bathroom (because I figured that would be the least likely place to fall asleep) set a timer, closed my eyes and started to breathe deeply. When the timer went off, I was over to the side, drool spilling down my chin. If it's your first time meditating, the outcome does not have to be the same - although my yoga teacher would always say there was nothing to be ashamed of if you zoned out. It just meant that you were very, very relaxed. But if you are meditating for the first time, try these simple steps. 1. Find a quiet space where no one will disturb you. 2. Set a timer for 15-20 minutes so you don't have to look at your watch. 3. Sit cross legged with your back straight. 4. Close your eyes, take slow deep breaths. 5. Try and put your vision towards your mind's eye - or the center of your forehead. 6. Enjoy!
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C.L. R.,

The same thing happened to my husband when he began his meditation practice... sleeping and snoring!

Ive been meditating for a few months now and the benefits have been incredible. Through meditation, I realized that I was stuck in a career in which I was not satisfied. Id been practicing law for over five years and even owned my own Firm. I closed it a couple of months ago and have now dedicated myself to publishing a site on Meditation to share information about meditation benefits and how to practice it on a daily basis with those that need it most; parents, students, professionals, business owners, and all others living stress filled lives. Through My Meditation Garden, I hope to spread the word of meditation and its great benefits and to build a supportive community for those starting out their practice. Hope you find useful info at the Garden!

This is pretty common. Chronic stress doesn't let the body reach to the state of deep sleep, so most of the people who start meditating for the first time have sleep deprivation. When you meditate you get relaxed and that lets the body descend to the state of sleep.

 As you meditate more the 'going to sleep' episodes will reduce.

You may try free guided meditation at



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