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Meditation and Intuition

Posted by Stephanie B.

I find the more I meditate, the better my intuition gets. I not only get more intuitive hits, but they are becoming more accurate.
(I think part of the reason for this is that I am becoming less attached through
meditation, and it is hard to get a good intuitive hit if you are attached.)

Intuition can be difficult to deal with as you develop it; you may question it,
struggle with the new-found feelings of empathy and connection, and
some of your friends may not understand or be sympathic. But as you
continue the practice of meditation, you find that you achieve more
and more a sense of equilibrium and peace with it.

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I have most definitely found the same to be true for me. I almost feel like meditation opens me up to being a better listener, to paying attention to clues and cues I might not have noticed otherwise. I find that the more I listen, the better I am at picking up guidance that leads me onto the right path time and again.
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