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Meditation - A Beginners Guide

Posted Nov 18 2008 12:21am
What Are We?

The question "What Are We?" is one that mankind has been grappling with for centuries.

We think of ourselves as solid, but if we take out the water we're just a small pile of dust. From a purely scientific viewpoint we're no more than a vibration, with our atoms vibrating at a rate that gives us the appearance of being solid.

But if you examine each cell you'll find inside a galaxy of the minute, and at the core there's just energy. Nothing solid, nothing tangible - just pure energy!

What is this energy? Where does it come from? What is it part of? These aren't simple questions that most ever consider or seek the answer to.

Where are we in the scheme of things?

Let's look at things from the perspective of the minute, the infinitely minute, and the infinitely huge.

As humans we’re the best example of evolution on our little speck in the universe known as Earth. How we function and think allows us to control things in a way that no other species on our planet can, and in that sense we're streets ahead of all other living things on it.

But we measure size, weight, speed, ability, brain power, and virtually everything else in terms that are relative to ourselves.

An ant can lift and transport several times its own body weight, and relative to its size, cover a distance at a rate that makes our top sprinters look like they're standing still and our marathon runners look like they're short winded. ”Are ants made of the same building blocks that we are?”

Viruses have the ability to evolve into new and more potent strains no matter what we do to destroy them. ”Do viruses have a life force?” What is the design behind them? Are they any less entitled to existence than anything else?

How about Cancer? - Certainly not something anyone wants to play host to! Is Cancer made of the same building blocks that we are? What makes it so resilient and capable of destroying its host?

Well a Cancer cell if it could think, would view its host as infinite. Its host wouldn't just be the size of the world - it would be larger than the Milky Way with all its billions of stars.

Where is Earth in the scheme of things?

Through quantum physics we understand that the cosmos is constantly expanding - more rapidly than we can begin to comprehend – and whilst we think of the world as being large in relationship to ourselves, Earth occupies less space within the cosmos than a grain of sand on all the beaches of the world put together.

In the fullness of time Earth will cease to exist (at least in the same form) and everything mankind has achieved, strived for, and accomplished, will cease to exist as well.

Form is an interesting subject, and one needs to comprehend that whilst form can change - and in terms of our perception cease to exist - everything becomes part of something else in due course.

In other words nothing really changes. The whole remains the “Whole” and it’s only everything within it that is constantly changing. What is the “Whole?” Well at the moment it’s beyond our comprehension, but perhaps the day will come when science provides an answer.

What about time?

Once again this is relative, and we measure it in a way that allows us to put a life span on ourselves and everything else.

A Mayfly lives only a day - just long enough to breed - but to a Mayfly that's a life lived and fulfilled. If we live beyond 80 and are still in good health we figure we're doing ok, but time out there in the cosmos is something else altogether.

The cosmos is so old that the entire history of Earth is contained within the last letter of the last word on the last page of the history book of time as we understand it. But that's using our measurement of time. To forces and energies that simply "are" and "have always been," the cosmos is no older than a blink of an eye.

The Essence of Meditation.

At the heart of Meditation is the concept that we’re no more than a fragment of the life force that permeates the cosmos. The concept that only form changes, and that the life force we and every other living thing carries, remains part of the whole once the form is no more.

This isn't about reincarnation, and neither is it about religion. It's also not meant to challenge ones beliefs, but extend the boundaries and confines of what one's been taught or accepts.

Meditation puts us in touch with the natural energies and forces that are simply a part of us and everything around us, and enables us to harness and use them to achieve harmony and balance and improve every aspect of our health and wellbeing.
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