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Lower Blood Pressure with Deep Breathing

Posted by Shez B.

While increasing physical activity, maintaining balanced weight, and eating a diet high in fruit and vegetables and light on the salt are important ways to lower blood pressure naturally, taking time to breathe slowly and consciously is also being shown to have a significantly positive effect.

Research at the National Institutes of Health suggests that breathing slowly for a few minutes a day is enough to help people lower blood pressure naturally without pills or supplements. In fact, scientists believe that how we breathe may hold a key to how the body regulates blood pressure.

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Great post. What kind of angers me is that so few doctors are sharing this information with their patients. My husband, who is in his early 30s, was recently told by his doctor that because of his high blood pressure, he should go on medication--the same medication that my 60-year-old father, who has suffered from chronic health problems, is on. I was really surprised that the doctor didn't give him any alternate suggestions, like dietary changes or relaxation exercises, and evaluate how those worked out before moving straight to the medication. The state of affairs in healthcare today...

It a wonderful bit of information and thank you for sharing with the community. Since I came across this article -, I'm a firm believer of positive effects of deep breathing. After waking up in the morning, before getting up from the bed, taking slow & deep breaths for 3-5 minutes will energize us for the day ahead.

Reg. Nirmala's post, I definitely agree that the Doctors look for instant cure. Very few Drs. are out there who would definitely talk to patients and provide for alternate ways of curing the ailments.

hello i read u r problem, being a physiotherapist i can u suggest that u can go through physiotherapy treatment.
I too have been told I now have HBP. First thing the doctor wants is for me to go on Lisinopril. I read the side effects and there are way to many. I need to find something that will quickly reduce the HBP  Is there any site that have demo or follow along deep breathing exercises that I could try.
I also do agree on positive affect of a deep breathing. More than that, I use Stress Sweeper which is based on a deep paced breathing (my doctor recommended me to get one). It teaches how to breathe right to lower blood pressure and actually controls what effect your breathing is making. For last 2 years I had high blood pressure in the evening, but once I started using Stress Sweeper and my evening's blood pressure is normal for the last 3 months.
Yes, I forgot to add. I'm using two 10 minute sessions with Stress Sweeper: at 7pm and at 9pm

I absolutely agree about  Stress Sweeper. It's an absolutely gorgeous tool. My blood pressure have gone in just 2 weeks since I started using Stress Sweeper. Actually I also found out that I'm quite stressed in the morning using Stress Monitor, then I consistantly used Stress Monitor's notifications to relieve stress with Stress Sweeper when needed. Additionally I'm taking one 20 minutes session in Stress Sweeper before going to bed. And you know what? I'm happy!

Meditating and just breathing in and out slowly while visualizing relaxing scenes can be incredibly powerful for lowering blood pressure and anxiety. I recommend following guided meditations for this. It is the easiest way to begin a meditation practice and reap the benefits of meditation quickly.

I would try exercise, deep breathing and diet changes before taking any medication for high blood pressure. I found a page with a lot of information on foods that lower blood pressure at

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