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how do i get a piece of mind or may i say meditate&when is a good time?

Posted by chardi H.

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Start slow and easy. If you're new to meditation, I would suggest buying an introductory book. Meditation for Dummies is fairly comprehensive for beginner material. Or you could just look into taking a beginning meditation class at a nearby meditation center. I would also suggest beginning your day with a 20-minute meditation center. Get in a comfortable seated position and be somewhere where you won't be disturbed. A silent place would also be a good idea. Focus on your breath and if you feel thoughts or anxiety coming up, just notice them and let them go. I think it's nice to have a "shrine" or altar of some sort to focus on. Maybe a simple table with fresh flowers, a candle, or a picture of a deity or something you find beautiful. Setting aside this sacred time for yourself, in my mind, is one of the most important things a person can do for themselves, so I commend you for seeking it out!
Peace of mind is something everyone seeks and few ever really achieve. Coping on a day to day basis with all the pressures that life throws at you needs the right set of tools, and Meditation has them all.

Coping isn't about shutting yourself away and tuning your mind in other directions - although that in itself can bring momentary relief - it's about becoming aware of your strengths and dealing with the effects of negative influences and stress without them wrecking your life.

Stress is different things to different people - what you consider a disaster might be water off a duck's back for someone else and vice versa - so everyone needs a different approach to achieving what they consider to be peace of mind.

All Meditation techniques right from the most basic of focusing your mind on your body and breathing, bring relaxation to the mind and body and empower the energies within. This is the starting point for taking control and turning all the negatives in your life into positive outcomes.

It sounds impossible but in actual fact it's fairly easy and straightforward. When is a good time to practice? Anytime and anywhere is fine. You don't need to cut yourself off or hide from others - many of the techniques can be used without others even knowing what you're doing - and they'll instantly put you back in charge.

Please drop me a line at if you'd like some specific pointers, or visit my site at for details of my course.


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