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How can I start to meditate?

Posted by anotri

I have been really stressed out lately and I feel that I am to a point where I can not handle it anymore. I wan to help myself before it gets worse and would like to know how I can actually get started with meditation/Yoga?
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Meditation and Yoga are very closely linked. They both bring about deep relaxation and harmony for the mind and body, but Meditation does it without the postures that many find difficult to achieve.

All Meditation courses start with learning how to relax the body, which also slows the breathing and allows one to "feel" what's happening within and get a major recharge, instead of concentrating on all the negative outside influences.

Even at this level, the benefits for someone under such considerable stress are hugely beneficial. but with such a vast number of books and web sites covering the subject, finding the best way to get started can be rather confusing.

Just describing what to do and leaving you to get on with it won't be of very much help, but if you contact me through my website at I'll be more than happy to get you going without having to sign up for a course.



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