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Has anyone ever started to hyperventilate while meditating?

Posted by Jessica M.

The other day I was meditating and my body started to tingle/go numb and then I got up and moved around and the tingling wouldn't go away.  I then started to shake followed by my heart racing.  I went to the ER and the doctor told me that I was hyperventilating.  He prescribed me Valium in case it happens again but I'm not sure why it happened in the first place. 
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Though this is very unique I have witnessed similar effects on a few of my in clinic clients. At times resting your awareness on your breath during meditation, especially if you are new to the practice, might cause a feeling of anxiety to rise.

You are not crazy, and though unique not out of the ordinary - though I would ask if you have been taught by a professional teacher? 

This anxiety comes from at times a heightened realization of the tension that we carry so often but are unaware of, or even the thoughts of how you are breathing, right or wrong, too fast or too slow when for so long we have been disconnected from our breath.

Remember in your practice to take a compassionate approach to this sensation of anxiety if it does arise, noticing the quality of it and seeing where it is coming from ie. thoughts, past, feelings etc.

Keep at the practice being very gentle with observing your breath knowing that there is no right or wrong way of breathing, simply observe the breath naturally entering your body and leaving your body as it has naturally been doing our entire lives.

I would recommend to learn meditation from a qualified teacher so that you are guided in the right direction, are in a place of safety and comfort and have a space to ask questions from someone wise in this field. 

Though always remember to allow time and space for your growth in your practice, not forcing yourself to meditatie for very extended time periods at first. Slowly cultivating this life-skill in a way like an athlete trains.

If you feel an onverwhelming sense of discomfort then step away from the practice at that time, to return to it when you feel comfortable again. 

YOU ARE JUST A CRAZY CRAZY GIRL. This would only happen to you. get your life together:) hahahaha jk! LOVE YOU. 
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