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Fortune Reports Meditation Helps in Business

Posted by angela p.

Power networker and Harvard alum, Keith Ferrazzi is a bestselling author and sought after speaker. He credits much of his success to meditation. "The key to connecting, he told the group, is "not being an a**hole." And the most effective path he's found? Meditation. Exercise and prayer work too, he said, but meditation has been so effective that he now spends ten days every year at a silent meditation retreat." Read the whole story here:
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Interesting. I know a lot of successful people attribute their success to their spiritual paths but I'm curious as to what it is about meditation that helped Keith Ferrazzi, specifically. I don't think of meditation as a means to an end, personally, nor something that can be applied to goals. It's more of a state of being, and maybe that state of being helps magnetize things like "fortune" to oneself.

Meditation actually makes you a more efficient person along with also enabling you to be more at ease and understanding of your intuition. These two things are an extremely powerful combination that can lead to enormous business success.Russell Simmons, an incredibly powerful and succesful entrepreneur swears by meditation and meditates on a daily basis.

Watch this video interview about his meditation practice.

If you are new to mediation and don't even know where to begin, following guided meditations is the easiest way to get your feet wet and start a meditation practice.

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