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Five Minutes to Beat the Stress

Posted by Nirmala N.

If you've always wanted to meditate to reduce stress but rarely find the time in your harried life, here's a simple exercise to ground you and help you relax throughout your day. 1) Stand with feet parallel and hip's width apart. 2) Raise your arms up overhead, interlace your fingers (palms up), and place atop your head. 3) Become quiet and follow your breath, in and out; breathe easily and naturally, allowing your breath to slow down and become steady. 4) Give yourself permission to rest in the moment. Think about what you find most stressful in your life (work, a relationship, family, etc.). 5) Picture the stress as an item of clothing that you can easily take off. You have the choice of putting it on later, if you want to, but you also have the choice to take it off right now. 6) Think of your wholeness and perfection as something that can't be touched by circumstance or stress. Breathe in perfect peace and serenity. 7) Sit quietly, eyes closed, and continue to breathe. Reach a place of stillness, where you allow all thoughts to recede. 8) Open your eyes and recognize the difference.
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