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Cameron Alborzian: Guided Meditation

Posted Mar 21 2008 2:49pm 2 Comments

Yogi Cameron uploaded this new meditation vid on YouTube. One of the attribute's of meditation is calm & the ability to see light & depth from a meditator's eyes. The whole practice of asana is geared to take us to this meditative state. So, I just don't get it once class is over and people start chattering loudly & checking their mobile phones. Was their MONKEY BRAIN on full chatter mode the whole time? Yes, as advanced practitioners,we must be tolerant, but if it is starting to become a recurring issue, the teacher's responsibilty is to re-inforce an important principle, that of RESPECT. I had a chance to catch up with Cameron last week.It looks like he will be spending time in LA during the summer.

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I'm curious, how should people react at the end of a yoga class? Should they leave class with bowed heads and speak only in a whisper? Don't get me wrong, sometimes there's too much agitation going on...but I'm just wondering what your expectatons are. I did walk into a new age store today and the energy felt wrong to me. Then I realized that everyone was talking really loudly about inane stuff as if it were a high school hallway. So I left - the place did not have that peaceful ambiance I have come to expect from a new age store. But perhaps there is a middle ground somewhere.... :-)

Namaste Stephanie,

As you put it : "talking reallyloudly about inane stuff ". Yoga is meant to still the chatter of the mind; chitta vrttti nirodha as Patanjali put it.

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