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basics about meditation

Posted by deepa

to begin with what is the very purpose of meditation 

why one shd meditate

how can one begin with the process

so so difficult it is to silence your thoughts , mind  

actual difference between body  mind and soul 

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Meditation is the part of yogic practice. Stonger tools for calmness of mind and body as the whole. The reason of meditation getting immense pleasure depending upon the depth of practice. The physiological action meditation is very useful for sound mind and bodily health. Daily practice with vedic mantras, yoga and breathing exercise is the way of natural healing.

A pleasure Deepa,

I too have completed Advanced Sahaj Meditation and have been practicing Sudarshan Kriya - it is one of the many techniques available to enter the meditative state. The key is to try many and find which one resonates most in bringing you to the depths of the meditative state.

Somedays it will be easier som will be more difficult - if you miss your practice be compassionate towards yourself and always understand that anytime dedicated towards meditation will provide you with immense physical and physiological health.

Wishing nothing but the best,


dear Michael 

thank u so much for giving this brief review abt meditation and technique

one thing foremost of all  while into meditation  to still one's mind , it simply is so difficult the thoughts inside keep coming one after other , though for few seconds there is absolute silence into our being but this lasts for few seconds only and again the thoughts all mixed many times related to one another or even different keep rallying and u start feeling it is so chaos

to come into a state at least to the limit the thoughts coming to some extent is an achievement i feel  

i am into yoga and practice art of living [AOL, INTERNATIONAL CENTRE BANGALURU INDIA]  and perform sudarshan kriya


i  am reading a book MEDITATION AND MANTRAS written by Swami Vishnu Devananda


Hello Deepa,

I hope my guidance may help you.

The universal commonality of all Meditations of Body, Breath and Mind Awareness. This scanning of the body, awareness of breath and then entering awareness of your mind’s thoughts bring you into a deep relaxed state initiating the “Relaxation Response” as described by Dr. Herbert Benson, Harvard University Professor in his International Best Selling book (click the link if you wish to read the review and buy).

The Relaxation Response brings you into a state of relaxation deeper than sleep – which in turn releases the stressors that sleep can’t. This takes about 10 minutes.

The practice is repeated in the morning and before sleep developing lasting preventative physical and psychological wellness.

Here’s a simple beginners practice to experience the Meditative State:
  1. Find a quite peaceful space where you will not be disturbed by anything, anyone
  2. Assume a meditative position on a cushion, chair or lying down – whatever is most comfortable (seated is best)
  3. Relax your body completely making sure you spine is erect and shoulders in line with your spine, head as if it was on a swivel at the top of your spine
  4. Scan your body very slowly from Toe to top of Head relaxing each muscle as you scan
  5. After your body has been scanned, bring awareness to your breath for 5-7 minutes, simply be aware of the coolness of breath on the inhale and the warmth/moisture on the exhale
    1. You can envision a hollow tube filling and depleting of air in your lungs
  6. When your thoughts start entering your mind-scape – follow each one with full awareness, no judgment and no expectation, simply view it for what the thought is, simply a thought.
  7. When you’ve seen the thought to its simple truth (as in there’s nothing more you can get out of it) bring your awareness back to your body and breath
  8. Allow a new thought to flow in – if no thoughts enter, simply be aware of the stillness of your body
    1. (It takes about 10 minutes for these first steps 1-8)
  9. When ready to flow out of the meditative state keep your eyes closed and rub your hands together and massage your face and body.
    1. When finished bring your hands back to your knees and very slowly, gently open your eyes.

For more information visit

There are two points to help you in your practice, Be Patient and Be Playful – have fun with it as the exploration of thoughts and the subtleties of your body can be quite the adventure if you make a resolution for it to be as such. The only two difficulties lie in the ego and chattering mind. The ego will tell you “This will never work for me, I’m too far gone” or “This will never work for me, I’m to far above this” let the ego go it is foolish and takes away from the experience. The mind will chatter – let it, don’t repress anything simply observe and let everything take it’s course in a state of no evaluation, no judgment.

Goodluck with your practice and if you wish to ask any questions please contact me at anytime.

 Sincerely in light,


everyone talks of meditation

but v all need to really give a thought on the basics 

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