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Attn: All yoga teachers

Posted by emily m.

Are you looking for some new music to help engage newcomers to your classes? I found this cd by Mantra Mom that combines Hip-Hop, Bollywood and new age music beautifully to ancient Sanskrit mantras . It’s called Mantras for my children…and yours:  Sanskrit chants to calm active children and it’s a perfect combination of East meeting West. When I used it in my class, my students spread the word to their friends, and next I knew I had 12 new students that specifically requested a class with this music - so I added a new class!

The artist's pronunciation and enunciation of Sanskrit mantras is perhaps the best I've heard on the market which as an Instructor, is truly important to me - so that the sound vibrations get absorbed by the chakras, and because the artist is of Indian descent, the mantras are pronounced perfectly. Theres a lot of mantra cd's out there - but this one stands out. Check out the CD, downloads and the music at

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Hey guys, i just went on to that site and saw that there is FREE SHIPPING on there now..Im so excited!! I'm totally doing my xams shopping on there now!!

Hi Emily,

 Thanks for the posting the link.  Let metry that CD and see how good it is.


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