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Attn: All yoga teachers

Posted by emily m.

Are you looking for some new music to help engage newcomers to your classes? I found this cd by Mantra Mom that combines Hip-Hop, Bollywood and new age music beautifully to ancient Sanskrit mantras . It’s called Mantras for my children…and yours:  Sanskrit chants to calm active children and it’s a perfect combination of East meeting West. When I used it in my class, my students spread the word to their friends, and next I knew I had 12 new students that specifically requested a class with this music - so I added a new class!

The artist's pronunciation and enunciation of Sanskrit mantras is perhaps the best I've heard on the market which as an Instructor, is truly important to me - so that the sound vibrations get absorbed by the chakras, and because the artist is of Indian descent, the mantras are pronounced perfectly. Theres a lot of mantra cd's out there - but this one stands out. Check out the CD, downloads and the music at

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Hi Emily,

 Thanks for the posting the link.  Let metry that CD and see how good it is.


Hey guys, i just went on to that site and saw that there is FREE SHIPPING on there now..Im so excited!! I'm totally doing my xams shopping on there now!!
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