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advantages of meditation during pregnancy

Posted by kusuma d.

i have been confirmed 3days bofore that i am pregnant
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Congratulations Kusuma,

Meditation has outstanding benefits for meditation, both psychological and physiological. Just to skim the surface of the overwhelming amount of research meditation will help: 

Psychologically it will help you with calming the mind from entering into states of rumination usually associated with anxiety and stress associated with the pregnancy and the changes your body will be undergoing. 

This will help by providing deeper states of sleep and a more positive self-image.

Physiologically it will help by providing an outlet to release tension and stress that we usually carry in our abdomen, chest or shoulders. Also studies have shown that meditation decreases pain intensity two times more than morphine - an incredible finding for those that do not wish to take medication during pregnancy.

Heidi Klum had a natural water birth not too long ago, and she stated that meditation was an integral part of the whole experience.

Also, a more relaxed demeanor, heart rate and body will also affect the health and wellness of your child in its early development stages in many positive ways.

Goodluck with everything! 

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