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A guided qigong meditation

Posted by Mark C.

Here is a simple meditation from a medical qigong program that focuses on grounding your energy. It involves a simple 1-4 mnuemonic - One is Fun, Two is Shoe, Three is Tree, Four is Core. Obviously it involves visualization, but there is also an intent to move the energy in a particular way on/in your body. It can be done sitting or standing.

One is Fun: Imagine a smile on the center of your forehead (3rd eye area) melting down the front of your body, down both your arms through your hands, the front of your chest, abdomen, hips,legs and down your feet. Imagine a smile on the opposite side on the back of your head melting down the back of your body, arms, torso and legs. Finally imagine the smile on the top of your head, melting down through your skeleton, your tissues, organs and down the sole of your feet. (for those who know the pressure point, the Kidney 1 point)

Two is Shoe: Imagine your feet melting into the ground, as if ice melting on hot sidewalk.

Three is Tree: Imagine long tree roots growing out from the bottom of your feet (from K1) into the earth, three times as long as your body.

Four is Core: Imagine inhaling energy up from the roots, up the legs and the back of your body, down over the head and the front and into your lower belly, (the dan-tien/hara area, about 3 finger widths below the navel) exhale and feel the energy glowing in your lower belly.

Let me know how you like it if you try it!

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One clarification: One step 4, the vertical circulation (known as the microcosmic orbit for those interested in looking it up) is up the spine and down the center line in the front of the body. These are two channels known as the governing and conception vessels in Chinese Medicine theory.
Thanks for the great meditation. I do a lot of chakra meditation myself, and so there's a great deal of visualization and working with metaphors. I find this really helpful when it comes to getting some sort of tangible result. For instance, if I'm stressed out, sitting down and doing a regular mindfulness meditation is nice, but all the same, meditations based on visualization and grounding exercises can be very vital to combatting stress.


Thanks for the Qigong meditation. I will make sure to try it out this week.

Ive been practicing mindfulness meditation and had a Kundalini energy awakening about three weeks ago. Since that moment, I feel an absolute peace that has not gone away since. However, I don't feel very grounded. I have all this new-found energy but haven't figured out a way to drive or ground it. I think this Qigong meditation may help me with this.

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