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Whether you're new to meditation or trying to get into a more regular practice, join us and let us know how it's going, and how we can help. Team Members: 375 Team Goals: Meditate
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Posted by Kr3is3ti

can it help me deal with stress issues? and calm my mind.
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Certaintly, don't expect too much from it at the start though. This pressure will probably lead to more anxiety because meditation is hard work. I first tried to meditate but didn't really have the proper tools, I know thoroughly enjoy my meditating practise incororated into my vinyasa yoga. After a hard workout, releasing toxins from my body I am able to clearly concentrate on my mind.
It has given me lots of benefits like not juding myself too harshly, a greater awareness to not engage with my anxiety. I am very much a stressful person and have thoroughly enjoyed my yoga practise help me in understanding where stress lies in my life.
I would defintely suggest to try yoga in dealing with your stress issues, and calming your mind. Just make sure you find the right yoga teacher for you.
Goodluck !
I love what you are saying Maddison, thank you.
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