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Sacramento, California
I'm committed to a life of "Passion and Purpose"!  I write a column (titled "ViewPoint Inspired"); am a part-time Psychology Professor; and am a Marriage & Family Therapy/ Ordained Ministry / Landmark Education - trained and experienced Relationships Coach.  I've been a Single Father for 21 years, love sports, reading, wine and travel (anything which affords connecting with others, and examining the human experience), reading and playing rock music on the... Full Bio
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How do we set our OWN Goals?!

I want to add "Floss Daily" to my goals - BIG on overall health & not available on Wellsphere! Thoughts?  Help?  Thank you!  Mitch 

Shouldn't We All Go Vegetarian... REALLY?!

So I was talking with an associate who has chosen a Vegan lifestyle since childhood.. Noting the fact that NO animal wants to be killed, nor wants...

Requesting Help, Please!!

For over three years now I've written a published column called "ViewPoint Inspired" - I need to find additional papers (printed and online) who...

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Dec 14 2009 by Jennifer A.
How are we doing with the stretching? I did today and yesterday!! You can do it =)