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San Francisco, California
Hi, I'm MC Milker, a mom and a marketing consultant. I spent 10+ years in the corporate world, marketing toys, food, school supplies and a host of other products to children and their parents., I now consult and am an adjunct professor at several universities. Only after years of marketing to... Full Bio
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How to End a Blog

Just returning from Blogher 11, I'm noticing that my last post here is from Blogher 10 - seems obvious I've outgrown my blog, lost interest or run...

Getting Ready For Blogher

I'm planning and packing for my trip to New York next week, to attend Blogher 2010.I think it will be interesting this year. As the conference...

Good-Bye Green Toys

I spent the weekend cleaning out toys. Unlike most parents...I haven't really done this before. OK- here and there, but never on a regular yearly...

Backyard Safari- Could You put It Down to Eat?

It's not often my son gets as excited about toys I receive to review, as he has about these from Backyard Safari But these have him...

Taking The Stairs

This is a post for the Green Moms Carnival , hosted this month by my friend Diane MacEachern, author of the Big Green Purse and an all around cool...
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