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Maya F.

From Cali. Grad student at Fresno State. High Weight in 2011: 194 pounds Weight now, 2014: 170 pounds Goal weight: 145 pounds.  I intend on continuing with muay thai classes and I will also start attending the campus gym once classes start again. I have lost about 25 pounds since my doctor told me to lose weight.
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Apr 01 2012 by Maya F.
Nice meeting you too! Thanks so much for the add!
Mar 31 2012 by Kodjoworkout
Nice meeting you, Maya!
Jul 06 2011 by HealthyAbandon
Jul 05 2011 by Maya F.
Thanks! I appreciate the support and I will for sure try to keep my activity level up.
Jul 05 2011 by Jeff K.
Dancing and rowing are great ways to keep a good blood pressure and health weight. Good luck with everything!