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Maya F.

From Cali. Grad student at Fresno State.  Weight in 2011: 194 pounds Low weight in 2012: 148 pounds Weight now, June, 2013: 170 pounds Goal weight: 135 pounds.  It's been a turbulant semester. I gained 20 pounds this past year, despite taking a karate and kickboxing class. I am dieting again, plus using a punching bag and I just added a session of running once a week. Wellosphere is good for keeping me motivated, seeing what worked to get me down to 148 pounds in a... Full Bio
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New York, New York
I am a fitness aficionado who believes that everyone has the ability to look and feel great. My health blog features a variety of home workout videos as well as nutrition and healthy lifestyle tips that everyone can incorporate in their daily lives. The home workout videos focus on with minimal use of gym equipment. The nutrition and healthy lifestyle tips cover topics ranging from...


I am a Certified Health Coach and Doctorate of Naturopathic Medicine student, who wishes to share with you, my journey of living a life radically abandoned to nutrition, exercise, healthy living and freedom from sickness and disease. Join me on the adventure of your life  - choosing health & wellness instead of sickness & disease. As many of you, I am a wife, mother, business owner,...