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I have lots and lots of projects, goals, dreams, many people do. In the midst of it all I forget the simple things like taking vitamins, carving out 10 minutes a day for yoga. I keep I will.....and it just doesn't happen. Very frustrating!! So here I am! I am happy to have found Wellsphere. I am so hopeful that this method will be the answer for getting my health and my life on track. If it does it will feel like a miracle! And I'll be shouting Wellsphere... Full Bio
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Jun 12 2012 by 21tenDee
Hi MauiGirl. I understand your confusion. I know that alkaline water is beneficial for many reasons but should be consumed in moderation. What concerns me is that can we trust the manufacturers? Refer to my recent posting. I also tested a typical bottled water from the grocery had the same pH level.
Feb 15 2011 by Jeff K.
You're going to feel great drinking all that water. Good luck!


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