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Hyperammonemia - When should we start dialysis?

I would like to discuss a case that I recently saw in renal consult. He was a man in his 60s with history of end stage liver disease who...

Tick borne diseases for the nephrologist - Babesiosis

The following few posts are a summary of tick borne illnesses that can cause renal failure and/or...


Recently a 65-year-old female was referred to an ED in the state of Missouri complaining of fevers, chills, headache,...

Baclofen in dialysis patients: Just say no!

At our hospital, we started noticing a pattern of admissions among some of our maintenance dialysis patients. In one case, an elderly woman...

Lithium and the Kidney: Old Observations & New Insights

Lithium is indispensable as an effective treatment for bipolar affective disorder. However, it has a narrow therapeutic index with desired...

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