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Matt A.

San Francisco, California
I'm a freelance writer who wanted more people to know about cognitive behavioral therapy, and how it could help them overcome their anxious fears.
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6 Ways to Overcome Social Anxiety Naturally

How is social anxiety affecting your life right now? Are there ways to overcome social anxiety naturally? According to Dr. Justin...

Top 10 Natural Social Anxiety Disorder Remedies

There are some people who immediately turned to prescription drugs to have a quick fix with their social anxiety. However the problem with...

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Social Anxiety Disorder. Does it work?

In treating Social Anxiety Disorders, research shows that therapy is the most effective option. It is because therapy in Anxiety Disorders...

Should You Try Social Anxiety Medication? 5 Things to Consider

If you suffer from social anxiety then the lure of a magic pill that can make your fears and worries vanish is highly appealing. And social...

21 Social Anxiety Quotes to Help You Feel Motivated to Seize the Day

Ever have those day’s when you wake up the following morning feeling completely blanked out and lethargic? I felt like that this morning,...
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