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Winter Special Body Treatments Available in the Spas of New York

Posted Dec 04 2011 10:07am

Winter has arrived in New York. Have you taken your preparation for the winter? You have to get prepared for the cold weather. If your are planning to stay outside a lot more than staying at your home then you need to prepare your warm cloths and shoes.

If you are planning to stay at home then purchase all the necessary things that you might need during the snowing days and don’t forget to prepare your home to give you protection from the winter breeze. You can plan your vacation with Ice Skating, Traveling, Picnic etc. You can also spend some of your times visiting the New York City Museum or enjoying New York City Boat trip. Winter is a perfect time for shopping. Usually most of the shopping markets and departmental stores offer various Post-Christmas sales that might be of a great savings. You can plan for a movie with your friends and family.

Winter is the best time for taking your personal body care. The weather is cold, your skin feels tense and your muscles get tighten up. Your body needs special attention during winter. So while planning for the winter, don’t forget to allot some times in the spa for a complete body treatment.

Spas in New York offer several winter special spa packages that include body treatments and massages. Your skin gets dry and produces more dead skin cells than the usual due to the cold weather. To get rid of dry skins and dead skin cells you can have following body treatments in the spa.

1. Pomegranate Red-Apple Full Body Scrub

2. Sea Spa Glow

3. Dead Sea salt Glow Full Body Scrub

4. Seaweed Body warp Full Body Scrub

5. Peppermint twist body warp

These body treatments will not only improve the condition of your skin but also help you to feel relaxed and stress free.

Spa body massage is another good way to make your body relaxed and stress free. Followings are some popular winter special massages in New York City spas.

1. Aromatherapy massage

2. Deep Tissue Massage Treatment

3. Swedish Massage Treatment

4. Reflexology

5. Fusion Massage

6. Hot stone Massage

7. Reiki Massage

These massage treatments are very good to calm your body and mind and release body stresses that occurs during the cold weather.

Don’t think that spa massage and body treatments will need a whole day in the spa. Only couple of hours is sufficient to prepare your body to fight against the New York winter. The Dyanna spa in Manhattan offers you various time durations for massage treatments ranging from 30 minutes to hours. You can also choose any of your suitable massage and body treatment service from their affordable price list.
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