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Which massage do I sign up for?

Posted by Craig At Balanced Immune Health Healthy Living Professional

I am scouting out potential massge therapists in my area. I'm wanting to sign up for a half hour a week, mainly to alleviate tension, rejuvenate, etc. 

What massage method should I ask for?  General therapeutic? Swedish? Deep tissue? Other? I'm not sure what the differences are.

Would welcome some expert input.   Thanks.

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Hi, a half hour's not that much time for a relaxation massage. Swedish is the best for relaxation it has long flowing strokes. If you want knots worked out or your shoulders are raised from typing or driving then deep tissue is the way to go. I would go to a therapist who can taylor your massage to what it is that you and your body want and need.

Thai-Guy - Thanks for the tips. Much appreciated. Deep tissue may be the one.

Hi Craig.  Many of the studies show that 1/2 hour would be fine to realize benefits, but clients always say that its very short.  I give 1/2 hour clients the choice of having me concentrate on one area only, which usually means the back, neck and shoulder area.  This works well in the 1/2 hour.  If you're looking for the rest of the body to be massaged, then try the hour.  Also, most therapists can mix styles, ie., Swedish and deep tissue.  Enjoy!


Thanks so much, CM&S. Will put that in the hopper.
Personally I do not offer 30 minute massages in my practice, but I focus almost entirely on pain management massage for chronic illness and injury. But, if you just need a little relief, 30 minutes can get that for you if you have a good therapist. Interview your potential therapists on the phone, ask questions, because you need a therapist that you can build a rapport with as well. If you are stressed on the table for any reason - the pressure is too much and you're afraid to communicate with your therapist, She's hot and you can't relax, or she has an annoying voice and won't stop talking.... whatever that 30 minutes will basically be a waste of time and money. At least with an hour even if you hate your therapist, something must have happened in that time that you can feel almost good about. And if you get a lousy therapist - don't give up on massage. Sometimes you have to search to find the right one. If you don't like a doctor, you find another. But many people, if they don't like their therapist, they say "Massage doesn't work for me."
Emma - Great thoughts and advice. Many thanks.

Hi Craig

I've seen you've been advised so you must have an idea about a few types of massages you can try. Nobody mentioned anything about . The difference is that  this one besides the relaxation it provides, also adds a sensual touch to it. It can be educational as well, as you learn to control and manipulate your sexual energy. Thirty minutes woudn't help at all, one hour would give you a sample. Follow your inspiration! Curiosity is the first step to enlightenment. 

About the post above, I meant: Nobody mentioned anything about Therapeutic Tantric Massage.
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