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What is a medical spa?

Posted by Kristen D.

I've seen signs around my city for medical spa businesses. I've been too busy to check into the specific companies themselves. so I was wondering if anyone knows what medical spas are? Do the offer massages, particularly for people with an injury that might benefit from it?
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Medical spas generally offer cosmetic procedures, sometimes invasive, sometimes not. Stuff like laser surgery, Botox and Restalyne shots, etc. can be found at medical spas. They generally don't offer massages, and their slant is usually NOT holistic. It's just that when you have medical-grade products or procedures, you need a doctor or nurse to be there to administer the treatment or service.
I'm not above having some "work done", but I would prefer to do it at a doctor's office. First of all, the doctor will BE THERE, not just "supervising" from wherever. Also, I don't want to have to slog through a mall when I am suffering from getting injections! I want to go in my black hoodie and sunglasses, straight out some back door to waiting transportation. Now, I don't mind the other way around... I kind of like the idea of the plastic surgeon having all kinds of groovy skin care and makeup on hand. is a salon in NYC that offers a coverup palette for those going through such recovery. She has people like Marlo Thomas as clients. I went to college with Kimara and she's very professional.
No, it's not physical therapy. It's procedures! This is where you start before you end up under the knife! I suppose it beats a Botox party...
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