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Visit a spa town!

Posted by Tamar F.

Do you like the idea of a spa getaway, but don’t like the idea of spending thousands, or of only “being good” within what amounts to an upscale prison? Wouldn’t you rather stay at a whole town that’s about wellness? I recently stayed at Berkeley Springs, West Virginia, one of this country’s first “spa towns”. They are lucky in that their sweet mineral water peeks up through cracks in the sandstone right downtown and has done so for centuries. There’s a state park in the center of town – you can get dirt cheap massages, thermal baths, infra-red treatments and all kinds of things for well under $50! I took a hot bath in an in-ground 750 gallon tub…kind of like a mikvah, except for the pewter jug of mineral water at the ready. All around Berkeley Springs, you can find little oases like the ASI café/Sage Moon Herb Shop, that sells organic cotton clothing, loose herb teas, as well as organic and vegetarian cuisine. For more info, check out

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Sounds heavenly! I'm not familiar with too many spa towns, though I've always wanted to visit Sedona, Arizona specifically because it's a place known for its great spa establishments and focus on health and wellness, which extends into the yoga and spiritualy communities. Then there's also Calistoga in northern California if you're into the whole mud bath thing. :)
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