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Try Preassure Point Therapy

Posted by Kenna M.

Pressure Point Therapy could have been called 'Stress' Point Therapy. Your body stores 'stress? in areas called Pressure Points. Because the nerves in the body are interconnected, a Pressure Point blocking a nerve in one area in the body can block the function of another part of the body. For example, if a person has a Pressure Point in the upper back it can block a nerve going to the lungs. This is because the nerves branch out from one another. If, in this example, the nerves are blocked to the lungs, what kind of problems do you think this person can have? That's right lung congestion, bronchitis, or even pneumonia or asthma. The basic idea, then, in Pressure Point Therapy is to find the areas of Pressure Points and treat them to open up nerve pathways again. For example, nerves that extend from the back area between the shoulder blades control the stomach. If there are Pressure Points between the shoulders that are blocking this nerve flow to the stomach, this could result in an upset stomach. By treating these points with Pressure Point Therapy, the nerve flow once again opens up and the stomachache resolves. The person experiencing the stomachache may or may not have pain between the shoulders. But when these points are treated, it is often noticed that they are tender. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to understand it, and almost anyone can apply it on themselves and others.
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So how does this technique work? It almost sounds similar to Swedish massage techniques, but perhaps a little more therapeutic in nature? What does the actual therapy look and feel like?
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